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Small batch in the shade

Submitted By: Sarah Farley
Date Submitted: 10/12/2003 4:59 pm
Status: Approved
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We live in Houston, Texas. Around our air conditioner we have bushes. The bushes are trimmed to where they do not touch the ground. This plant was growing under the bushes, but wasnít touching the bushes. My husband got a poison ivy rash about two months ago when he was out trimming the bushes. It was time to trim again and this is what he found that may have caused the rash last time (and hopefully not this time). It looks sort of like a vine, but it wasn't growing up into the bushes only on the ground. It has a woody stem and no thorns. This picture shows the front side of the plant, there is a little bit bigger section on the other side of the bush, next to the air conditioner, but I didnít want to brush up against the bushes to get back there to snap a picture. We squirted it with Round-up and will be careful removing it once it dies. Please let me know if you think that it is poison ivy. You are welcome to use the pictures as you please. P.S. Great web site, very informational!