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the plant i think infected me!

Submitted By: jeff scott
Date Submitted: 8/11/2003 4:15 pm
Status: Approved
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here is what i believe to be the plant that infected me with a burning itch!!!! the morning after i came into contact with it, i noticed a round , blistery circle on my forearm. i tried using calomine lotion but it didnt help!! and the blistery rash spread to my other forearm as well as my hip and on my legs!!!i consulted my physician and she recommended quartazone cream.i went to the local pharmacy and bought their brand of creme which cost 4.00 canadian and after about an hour and a half i noticed yellow liquid coming out so i recommend that anyone comming into contact with such a plant try using the creme that i earlier mentioned if i filled out the perscription it probably would have cost me more like 50-70.00 canadian i live in HAMILTON ONTARIO, CANADA and the date of contact was july 31 2003 so hopefully i can help someone else ease the pain of this VICIOUS PLANT!!!! JEFF SCOTT HAMILTON ONTARIO, CANADA