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I'm guessing poison ivy?

Submitted By: Glenn Taylor
Date Submitted: 8/10/2003 3:01 pm
Status: Approved
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After looking at your web site with extreme interest (since I'm sitting here with poison "something" blotches on my body), I thought I'd go back out to the "jungle" and see if I couldn't find the culprits. Sure enough, I think I found some in single stem plant configurations (no vines). I used the technique described by one to remove the plants. That is an 8 gal garbage bag turned inside out. Dug up the root and took hold of it through the bag, and into the bag it went. This is like a safari if I "bagged" what I was looking for. Can you confirm that what I'm collecting in my yard is poison ivy? I'm in Central FL (Melbourne) on the east coast. These two images were just taken, 8/10/2003 at HQ and reduced to 640 x 480.