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Identification ? About Poison Oak

Subject: Identification ? About Poison Oak
Author: Celle
Date: 5/7/2012 8:46 pm
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I was hiking in some beautiful California mountains yesterday, and poison oak was abundant as usual. I passed a gent on the trail who stepped into a patch of PO, when I pointed it out he condescendingly told me that it wasn't PO but "scrub oak" and that they look very similar. I was pretty sure he was wrong, but he went his way and I mine, not before I took a photo. Being nerdy as I am, and since I'd never seen or heard of scrub oak (but I've also not been hiking with an interest in plants until recently, I still consider myself new to this all), I tried to find info. Only one site said scrub oak (like wild blackberry) had a similar look, but was usually pointy or prickly. Anyone have any info on this? Are they really that similar?

Identification ? About Poison (Approved)Celle5/7/2012 8:46 pm