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Re: Update - 1 year later

Subject: Re: Update - 1 year later
Author: Gwen Hilst-Russell
Date: 4/21/2010 6:58 am
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Ok.....later yesterday after my post (of course) I DID get a small amount of ivy in a arched line across my belly. This is definately the mildest case I have ever gotten being exposed as much as I was and not tip toeing cautiously through the forest. I believe I got it on my belly due to the sensitivity of the skin in that area. If I wouldn't have been taking the elixir I can't even imagine what I would look like today. Wish more people would believe me and try this! I could sell it door to door!!!! Wld love to hear some feedback. I have been where all of you have been....miserable, itching till my eyes are in tears, wishing and praying that all of it would just go away...... I can't tell you all enough how different my life is now. = )

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