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Update - 1 year later

Subject: Update - 1 year later
Author: Gwen Hilst-Russell
Date: 4/20/2010 7:04 am
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Well, I have been taking the "serum" (elixir) for one year now; missing maybe one time and went out mushroom hunting last weekend. I was cautious at first but than finally took off my long sleeve shirt. It has been two days later and I have NOTHING! The ivy was so thick and I just stomped right through it. Occassionaly scratching my face or back, etc. with my gloves and still nothing! I have since touched my boots which I know where ivy oiled covered and nothing! This elixir is my Savior and I cannot over emphasize how much it has saved my life! Truly blessed to have found something that saves me weeks of misery!!!!! I SWEAR BY IT!!!!!

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