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destroy it all

Subject: destroy it all
Author: mike lewis
Date: 9/6/2009 10:30 am
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just reading your veiws and tips last night while i was contemplating a few weeks of hell , i suddenly thought of trying an anti bacterial moisturiing gel which we are using in the uk at the moment because of this flu bug thing. (cant be any worse than poison ivy). i have found my own pesonal answer to poison ivy,overnight the rash and swelling have practically dissapeared from my arms. i am still feeling cold shivers but no itching . the product i used is made by HYGIENICS , a company in england.it is alcohol based. all i did with it was smother my arms with it and let it dry naturally, repeated a few times today and so far so good.
need any help finding it please get in touch

mike lewis

destroy it all (Approved)mike lewis9/6/2009 10:30 am