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Shaving and Poison Oak, make sure you don't have it before you shave!!

Subject: Shaving and Poison Oak, make sure you don't have it before you shave!!
Author: Susan
Date: 8/12/2008 5:59 pm
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Yes. It was as bad as it sounds, though I don't have a picture to show you on the site. My past posting was asking if anyone had a better way to get it off their dogs rather than bathing... but I failed to say how mine got really bad. To wash a Malamute is to get a bath yourself. I clamp her between my legs, strongly, to keep her still, then lather her down and rinse her off. No problem, life as usual. Then I go inside and take a real shower, and this time also shaved my legs. Without knowing I'd contracted the Poison Oak from her first, I inadvertently spread it up my entire leg, both of them. So no fun as you can imagine. By 3 weeks later it was significantly better. Gone by 4 weeks!!! That's a long time to crave an itch. I tried the hot water and hot blow dryer, as well as Alcohol rubbings, plus the luxury scratch every so often, and even dug into it with my finger nails just to give the masochistic part of myself some relief. Everything helped a little bit. The ointments from the doctor were no better than over the counter, and 1% hydrocortisone was barely enough to put a dent in the itch factor. Good luck to anyone who gets it bad. ONe patch I could handle, but both legs and both arms, and neck and chin. God I Love that dog.

Shaving and Poison Oak, make s (Approved)Susan8/12/2008 5:59 pm