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Subject: Vaccine?
Author: Jessie
Date: 7/6/2008 3:25 pm
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When I was a kid I suffered repeatedly from terrible poison ivy rashes even though I was careful (after the first time) to never go near it. I could get it from wind borne smoke from it burning in the neighbors leaves, from playing in the snow where it grew the year before -- mention poison ivy and I broke out in a rash. I came close to being hospitalized more than once. In the early to mid-60s, my family doctor announced he had a new treatment that would rid me of the problem. For the next five years, I received a series of four shots (one a week)in early spring. The shots were painful but they certainly did the trick. I have not had poison ivy since about 1968 and I know I've been exposed. I mentioned this to my current doctor and he thinks I'm crazy: "no such thing". Any idea what I was given and, more importantly, why it might have been yanked off the market?

Vaccine? (Approved)Jessie7/6/2008 3:25 pm
  Re: Vaccine? (Approved)Connie7/16/2008 8:46 pm