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don't worry

Subject: don't worry
Author: james
Date: 5/12/2008 2:55 am
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don't worry it seems to me like every time I end up with poison ivy it gets a little more bearable. If this is your first time to have poison DON'T SCRATCH IT, you have been warned because it will spread plus if you think that the itch is bad now once you give in the itch will only become worse. Also avoid touching sensitive areas like your genitals and ears mostly because the oil is probably still on you (wash everything because the oil by now could be every where). I have had the ivy an excess of 20 times I really stopped counting after 17 but every time you get it you should be able to fight off the itch a bit easier if you have it bad like leather skin and all that it is probably going to take you the better part of 3 weeks to be clear of the ivy, if it is not so bad right now (a few spots hear and there, minor itching) and if you don't scratch it might go away in a week. lastly keep your hands washed and covered in medicine because you don't want it in between you fingers constantly rubbing. So don't worry it will go away (sooner if you don't scratch ). if you have an important question for me just e-mail me at jimtaylor89@gmail.com

don't worry (Approved)james 5/12/2008 2:55 am