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Re: Red berries on PI?

Subject: Re: Red berries on PI?
Author: Lisa M
Date: 9/21/2007 1:29 pm
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Ok..I too have the vining 3 red berries with a thick stem and it grows along my fence and up the side of my house here in Michigan. I noticed when it has died in the cracks of brick it is spider roots and brown and hard to remove.
Heres the kicker, last summer the husband weedwhacked it and then pulled it out with with gloves on and he had a short sleeved shirt on. Well, it managed to get on his arms and 20 mins later he started breaking out with blisters and itching and it spread from his elbow (not the top part o the arm, but the underside sensitve skin) up to his wrist. He had to go to the doctor and they put him on steroids. So he told me I must be immune to it and yes I touched it and my skin tingled a bit, but nothing like what happend to him.

Things change and so did my immunity...Last week i was planting my mums and saw the vines creeping and growing new stems with leafs and the berries were ripe and i started to pull them out and about an hour later little red bumps appeared under my forearm and now they are welts (because they itch! and I scratched them) My question is...Does anyone have a name for this pest of a plant? long vining plant w/ red berries?

please email me a lisab624@yahoo.com

Thanks for any info!!

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