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a reaction 'under' the skin?

Subject: a reaction 'under' the skin?
Author: mike
Date: 7/31/2007 11:43 pm
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week and a half ago i was weed whacking a large hill in shorts and sandals and using my hands and a rake to pickup the weeds to throw out. i spent most of the day on it, soaking up tons of oil apparently. the next day i got poison ivy horribly on one of my ankles and less severely on my other ankle, wrists, back of my knees, behind one of my ears, tops of my feet, and a few other specs here and there.

most of that stuff was gone a week later (rubbing off the blisters with a plastic scour pad and lots of soap in the shower was quite effective). i thought i was done with it. didn't even need to put anything on the remaining stuff for the past few days.

now it seems like more spots are coming up. seems like it wasn't completely gone yet. i'm starting to develop more blisters on my soles, palms and ankles. but instead of being the blisters that i had everywhere else (which were small, itchy and oozy), these seem like they are deeper under the skin, larger, and they sting more then itch. instead of the normal 'ooze', when opened, these have more of a watered blood come out.

is it possible that if the PI oils gain access to the blood stream via a cut (splinters are common where i work), could it cause reactions 'under' the skin and in many other parts of the body?

a reaction 'under' the skin? (Approved)mike7/31/2007 11:43 pm
  Re: a reaction 'under' the ski (Approved)Judy8/18/2007 12:58 pm