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sunblock & poison oak prevention

Subject: sunblock & poison oak prevention
Author: Leslie
Date: 7/12/2007 1:11 am
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I work outside much of the non-rainy season and in our lovely California climate, poison oak is a daily hazard of my job. Add that to my Irish-freckled complexion & I'm looking at starting every day with multiple prevention products. I wear a high SPF sunblock and I try to wear a poison oak repellent (IvyX or Ivy Block), but it tends to wipe off my sunblock. I'm forced to choose between the oak and the skin cancer. Has anyone ever seen any kind of product that combine a poison oak block with a sunblock?

sunblock & poison oak preventi (Approved)Leslie7/12/2007 1:11 am
  Re: sunblock & poison oak prev (Approved)Scott7/14/2007 12:12 pm