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Re: Reinfection after 6 months???

Subject: Re: Reinfection after 6 months???
Author: j frazier
Date: 10/28/2006 3:36 am
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I had PI about two months ago.

I used a pumice stone I had used during the PI outbreak. Bingo a rash on my chest itchy and looked the same.

Rash mostly cleared up a few lightly scattered red bumps (although it left more of a rough bumpy area behind) remain but I can't get rid of the itch mostly nighttime. I've used heated apple cider vinegar, honey, oatmeal paste. Also Bendryl oral and Benedryl anti itch. No go. Can't find the other Bandaiid anti itch cream (live in a rural area)

Has anyone had this same problem?

Is this reinfection thing common?

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