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Scars and sun???

Subject: Scars and sun???
Author: Kate Doe
Date: 5/7/2004 3:26 pm
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ok...i am coverd in poison ivy on my frontal half of my body. Im taking steriods to get rid of it..which is kinda helping but the rash on my leg is still spreding..i have no uroish??? oils on my skin anymore. After a week should it stop spreding??? and also..will i get scars??? I really wanna go out in the sun, and its finnaly starting to get warm...can i lay out and not have blothches or nasty scars from it??? please help me!!!!

Scars and sun??? (Approved)Kate Doe5/7/2004 3:26 pm
  Re: Scars and sun??? (Approved)pi sufferer5/10/2004 9:38 pm