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Rash? Help?

Subject: Rash? Help?
Author: Nancy
Date: 5/6/2004 11:11 am
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I was working in the yard with gloves,long sleeves, and pants, now my freind and I both are covered with red bumps mostly in the hot areas of our body but it is spreading down our arms and legs. Not quite a blister but looks like it's headed there. They continue to pop up by the hours I have never had a reaction to PI,PO and am unsure if Sumac is in the central part of GA. Our rash doesn't look like the pictures of other rashes on this site? Rash actualy looks like Chic-n-pox??? Does anyone have an idea of what it could be?

Rash? Help? (Approved)Nancy5/6/2004 11:11 am
  Re: Rash? Help? (Approved)Jessica5/6/2004 9:49 pm
  Re: Rash? Help? (Approved)Tim5/9/2004 4:08 pm