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Safe to use Calamine Lotion on penis?

Subject: Safe to use Calamine Lotion on penis?
Author: David
Date: 4/30/2004 2:48 pm
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I got poison ivy between my pinky finger and a little on it also some small places on my wrist. I noticed on my penis(underside of it) has a red place on it aswell. I think it could be PI aswell but not sure. Doesnt look blistery or doesnt itch. But it has only itched once on my hand and stuff. I have been keeping it dry on my hand(left hand only) and putting alcohol on my hand and dabbing it on the small place on my penis letting set for a few seconds and then washing off.

Just bought some Calamine lotion and was curious if it was safe to put on my penis or should I just leave it alone and let it go away on its own?

Safe to use Calamine Lotion on (Approved)David4/30/2004 2:48 pm