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Re: Poison Oak really sucks..

Subject: Re: Poison Oak really sucks..
Author: Ben
Date: 4/30/2004 2:16 pm
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Zanfel didn't work particularly well for me. and it is expensive. I am extremely sensitive to Poison Oak - this is my third outbreak this year. My Doctor gave me the prednisone tablet series on the first two go rounds, and cortisone cream on the second - but refused the tablets for this outbreak. He believes the cure is worse than the disease. The prescription cream, "FLUOCINONIDE" stops the itch fairly well. I scrub with TECNU skin cleanser twice daily, then rinse off in a cool shower - also helps to relieve the itch. You might try HYLANDS RhusTox - an oral med that helps to settle the nerves. This has been a life saver for me. The best advice so far - AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS.

Poison Oak really sucks.. (Approved)Nick4/29/2004 1:49 am
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  Re: Poison Oak really sucks.. (Approved)Ben4/30/2004 2:16 pm