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Poison Oak really sucks..

Subject: Poison Oak really sucks..
Author: Nick
Date: 4/29/2004 1:49 am
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Hey everyone, I'm a high school freshman and I got poison oak from being outside in the woods near our school for Biology Class last Wednesday. I didn't see any reactions until Friday morning when I woke up and my left eye was almost completely swollen and redness started appearing. Saturday and Sunday it got worse and my face was swollen badly and very red. I tried Hydrocortison cream, didn't help too much. Then I went to the doctor on Monday and he put me on a prescription for Presidone, those Steroid pills. I came home and looked up the pills and saw they can have horrible side-effects, even using them for 2 weeks. So I made a bold move and decided to wait it out the old fashioned way. So then I found www.zanfel.com and told my Dad about Zanfel. So he ran to Rite-Aid and got some and I jumped in the shower when he got home and I applied the Zanfel. That whole "instant itching relief" didn't work right away for me like it did for a lot of people. By the time I got out of the shower I felt tons better. The next morning my eyes were still a little swelled and my cheeks were as well. It did help though. So then I applied it again Tuesday. (yesterday) and this morning I woke up with no swelled eyelids or cheeks. Now only my leg was itching/painful and my chin/lower jaw gland area was a little swelled and irritated from the Poison Oak patches. Zanfel worked really well for my eye area and hopefully it will continue to help. I'm doing pretty well, I think. I hope its not a systemic-reaction, if so I'm going to have to tough it out. If your in a lot of pain and itching and swelled and you've tried almost everything with no relief, I really suggest getting Zanfel, its expensive but their's a pretty good chance it will help you out good.
Hope everyone's Poison Oak/Ivy is feeling better.

Sincerely, Nick P.

Poison Oak really sucks.. (Approved)Nick4/29/2004 1:49 am
  Re: Poison Oak really sucks.. (Approved)antpheby4/29/2004 10:54 pm
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