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Re: PI out-of-control

Subject: Re: PI out-of-control
Author: Bluestreak
Date: 4/26/2004 9:22 pm
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You need to get to a dermatologist asap. They are great and tend to have more in their arsenal than GP's. I had it from my ankles to my forehead last fall and it was gone in about a month. Previousily a milder case lasted 3 months.

Docs in a box are great, but limited as to what they can do.

My regement last year was a shot of long acting cortisone type medication, 3 weeks on prednisone, and two types of cream, plus a lot of cold showers.

This spring when I accompanied my husband on a cancer screen, he remembered my PI so bad he told me to stay out of it this year.
Of course this man gets PI a couple of times a year himself.

PI out-of-control (Approved)antpheby4/24/2004 10:40 am
  Re: PI out-of-control (Approved)Bluestreak4/26/2004 9:22 pm