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PI out-of-control

Subject: PI out-of-control
Author: antpheby
Date: 4/24/2004 10:40 am
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Now in my 3rd week of PI, have had 2 rounds of oral steroids. and continue to breakout. This morning I awoke with major facial, neck, and arm swelling - puffy edema-like. Am thinking I need to visit a Quick-Med. OR... does this thing just need to run it's course?
I feel fine other than being mad-as-heck because the mushrooms are just starting to pop here on our farm and I may be out for the season.
Whatever did the indians do way back when - they had to have a snake-trail remedy that worked - I've never read of an overwhelmingly large number of indians succumbing to PI PO or PS and/or the complications from it.


PI out-of-control (Approved)antpheby4/24/2004 10:40 am
  Re: PI out-of-control (Approved)Bluestreak4/26/2004 9:22 pm